分享 with his stinking breath
neklyuly 2017-8-10 12:02
“No more than I did,” her aunt said. “Jon Arryn was no dwarf, but he was old. You may not think so to see me now, but on the day we wed I was so lovely I put your mother to shame. But all Jon desired was my father’s swords, to aid his darling boys. I should have refused him, but he was such an o ...
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分享 his lips and the scar where
neklyuly 2017-7-25 12:26
The castle’s main kitchen was just across the courtyard, true, but Tyrion found those sounds and smells infinitely preferable to sharing Maegor’s with his siste rent camping gear . The less he had to see of Cersei the happier he was like to be. Tyrion could hear Brella’s snoring as h ...
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分享 destroyed us all with their ambitions
neklyuly 2017-7-20 11:50
Whether he had the courage to face what was coming, though... Jon used the crutch to limp across the tower top. The King’s Tower was not the castle’s tallest - the high, slim, crumbling Lance held that honor, though Othell Yarwyck had been heard to say it might topple any day. Nor was ...
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分享 should we speak thus harshly
neklyuly 2017-7-13 12:16
“No,” Ser Jorah said bluntly. “That Prendahl is Ghiscari by blood. Likely he had kin in Astapor.” “A pity. Well, perhaps we will not need to fight. Let polar us wait and hear what the Yunkai’i have to say.” The envoys from Yunkai arrived as the sun was going down; fifty m ...
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分享 autumn leaf amidst the coals
neklyuly 2017-7-7 11:35
Melisandre bowed her head stiffly, and said, “As my king commands.” Reaching up her left sleeve with her right hand, she flung a handful of powder into the brazier. The coals roared. As pale flames writhed atop them, the red woman retrieved the silver dish and brought it to the king. Davos watched ...
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分享 cool soon enough
neklyuly 2017-6-30 12:24
“Down!” he shouted, throwing Derma 21 hard sell himself against the neck of his horse. The gelding screamed and reared as an arrow took him in the rump. other shafts went hissing past. Jaime saw Ser Cleos lurch from the saddle, twisting as his foot caught in the stirrup. His palfrey bolt ...
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分享 eading his northmen through
neklyuly 2017-6-22 11:45
A gift you want desperately, wench, and can never have. “I earned my knighthood. Nothing was given to me. I won a tourney melee at thirteen, when I was yet a squire. At fifteen, I rode with Ser Arthur Dayne against the Kingswood Brotherhood, and he knighted me on the battlefield. It was that ...
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分享 neither money nor position
neklyuly 2017-6-9 12:01
Newland Archer, during this brief episode, had been thrown into a strange state of embarrassment. It was annoying that the box which was thus attracting the undivided attention of masculine New York should be that in which his betrothed was seated between her mother and aunt; and for a moment he cou ...
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分享 upon the nations whichdespise
neklyuly 2017-5-25 12:16
upon the nations whichdespise
The ceiling was low and lamp-blacked; the stained travel newsletter paper fellin strips from the sweating walls; fortunately there was nocarpet; but if anything could have added to the occupier'sdepression it was the sight of his own distorted features ina shattered glass, which seemed to ...
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分享 only say a word or two about things
neklyuly 2017-5-9 14:28
only say a word or two about things
“That is very old!” said the councillor, who became Alipay hong kong quite cheerful at sight of this antiquity . “How did you come by this strange leaf ? That is very interesting, although the whole thing is a fable . Nowadays these appearances are explained to be northern lights that have been ...
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