分享 爆裂甲油 color block crackle nail design
ChiChiChoCho 2011-10-2 09:36
爆裂甲油 color block crackle nail design
When the crackle polishes came out, I really really wanted to buy one! It all looks so pretty, on the sample nails and pictures I see at least. So after my first few attempts I have just left it on my desk for a long long time.......... But I pulled it out again a couple days ago and d ...
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分享 Anna Sui 指甲
ChiChiChoCho 2011-10-1 14:25
Anna Sui 指甲
Anna Sui inspired 指甲. 正到我條neck都梗咪。。。 要自己同自己正真係好難。shakey hands....uncontrollable left hand.....took me 2 hrs to do it. luckily the roses are stamped on with Konad! 如果唔係,可能要正到明天。。。
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分享 rainbow dot nail design
ChiChiChoCho 2011-10-1 04:26
rainbow dot nail design
I saw this design online and thought it was going to be so hard to do both hands since there is so much detail, but it proved to be a lot easier than I thought it would be :p I did rainbow colors just because it was a sunny day :p but i would defiantly do this design again with different color ...
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分享 花花加條紋指甲~
ChiChiChoCho 2011-9-30 21:08
花花加條紋指甲~ 我都係鐘意畫花~ 花花加條紋指甲
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分享 粒粒生果指甲 / fruity nails
ChiChiChoCho 2011-9-30 18:06
粒粒生果指甲 / fruity nails
這是我其中一個我最滿意的指甲設計:) 我買了那些生果片好耐了,但又唔知道點處理佢地:), 直到看到了網上一張照片........ 實際上係超級容易正的 One of the nails designs I am the most happy with :) I have had those fruit pieces for a very long time and didn't know what to do with them to make them look ...
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分享 Dolly Wink 指甲
ChiChiChoCho 2011-9-29 17:44
Dolly Wink 指甲
見到其他人正 Dolly Wink 指甲,我都想正。。。 Dolly Wink Nails
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分享 去Vegas的Bling Bling指甲 / Bling Bling nails for Vegas
ChiChiChoCho 2011-9-29 16:32
去Vegas的Bling Bling指甲 / Bling Bling nails for Vegas
我為我的行程-維加斯-的指甲 :) The nails I made for my trip to vegas :) Colors used: Love and beauty by forever 21 (hotpink) opi pink pirates of the Caribbeans pink Sparitual (wipeout)
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分享 玫瑰花指甲~
ChiChiChoCho 2011-9-29 09:35
我同我個妹都極鐘意油指甲。油呀油。。。油呀油。。。 油玫瑰花配咩色都好睇~ 玫瑰花指甲
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