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Wrong pokemon [複製鏈接]

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  'pokemon Go' Accidentally Gives Wrong pokemon Out as Research Breakthrough Reward

  By CHRISTIAN HOFFER - November 1, 2018

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  pokemon Go circulated the wrong pokemon as a Research Breakthrough reward, and it's annoying a great deal of players.

  Starting today, pokemon Go is remunerating players who finish Research Tasks on seven separate days with a catch experience with Shedinja, a Bug/Ghost-type pokemon that beforehand wasn't accessible in the amusement. The change should experience at 4 pM ET today, yet it appears that somebody at Niantic made a major blunder.

  Rather than Shedinja, players are revealing getting an experience with the Legendary pokemon Moltres. Moltres is one of the more grounded Fire-type pokemon in the amusement, yet its landing in the diversion didn't satisfy a considerable measure of pokemon Go players, particularly the ones who held up to reclaim their Research Breakthrough until after the switch happened.

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  Fortunately, Niantic understood their blunder before long and it just took around 10 minutes for Shedinja to get added to the amusement. In any case, it's the most recent in a progression of terrible goofs on Niantic's part as of late. The organization additionally needed to move back an arranged rebalance because of a glitch and their "Gen 4" rollout included a few pokemon with off base details, in spite of the fact that, they were remedied before they went live.

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  In spite of the mistakes, it's as yet an energizing time for pokemon Go players. Notwithstanding new pokemon showing up in the amusement, Niantic additionally included another Adventure Sync highlight that rewards players for strolling set separations notwithstanding when the diversion isn't effectively running on their telephones. players will get poke Balls, Stardust, and different rewards and also gain Buddy Candies and incubate eggs. The amusement is likewise facilitating a "Gengar Day" occasion on Saturday that will give players a shot at getting a Shiny Gengar that knows extraordinary moves.

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