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  Rafael Hui (right) was gave decision against in law of wrong or changed form. picture by camera: aphis speech came among a cord of political events that have mixed the Court in the past few years, including the making unable to under rules of 6 lawmakers, the putting in prison of seven police officers gave decision against in law of attacking a protester during the 2014 pro-democracy take up operation, and the process of being put away of learner activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung and his comrades.These events often led to views put forward as to errors of the Court and sometimes even personal attacks on judges.

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At the opening form of the lawful year in January, Ma had also made conscious of about unreasoned criticisms against the citys rule of law.On Saturday, without saying something about to a special event, he also said: one completely overlooks also that only 2 qualities are stated in the basic Law for the position given of Judges: Judicial and expert qualities.Their views, political or other-wise, or any other point of view, do not move into it.

Outrage at two-year terms for policemen who beat up activist Ken TsangIn May, Hong Kong having all necessary things britains top judge, Brenda say good words on meeting, and Canadas former top judge Beverley McLachlin, as the first women to join the Court of last Appeal.Their songs support for same-sex rights made burning light troubles from pro-establishment lawmakers in the great town, as the Court has become an important front for LGBTI Advocates to fight for equal rights.

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Criminal Barristers Maggie Wong pui-kei, Edwin Choy Wai-bond and Derek Chan Ching-lung, and pao Jin-long, who chiefly does Civil law, were on Saturday having all necessary things higher (in position) Counsel or had taken silk as it is experienced in the business, trade. All four have had roles in high-profile cases.Wong, then putting the law into motion, and Chan, defending, were had to do with in the wrong or changed form Trials of the citys former first Donald Tsang Yam-kuen last year.

philip Dykes praised the new higher (in position) Counsel. picture by camera: K.Y. Chengpao, who is (becomes) expert with special knowledge in public law, is representing the Department of being just in a very low opinion of Court Trial getting up from protesters saying no to let go of a pro-democracy take up protest building land in 2014.choy made arguments for former chief secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan in a wrong or changed form Trial in 2014.mas remarks on Saturday were said again by Bar Association organization chief philip Dykes Sc, who also praised the new higher (in position) counsel.

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Hong Kongs top Court gets 2 female foreign judges in noted in history firstSecretary for being just Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah also gave credit to there had been an increasing weight down on lawful experts and called on the four to put forward arguments for baseless statements against our judiciary.Thomas So Shiu-tsung, head of government of the Law Society, the expert body for Solicitors, spoke of statements against judges and lawyers who represent unloved clients.We must put forward arguments for our middle part, heart values, he said, giving support lawyers not to give way to out-side effects.

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