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Food for Life [複製鏈接]

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  Food for Life, England

  A collaboration between food activist Jeanette Orrey, the United Kingdom Soil Association, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Food For Life works to change the food culture in nurseries, schools, hospitals, and care homes. It uses a “whole setting approach” to provide nutritious and sustainably produced food, promote healthy food behaviors, and provide nutrition education to patients, residents and their families, and students. The whole-school approach helps ensure that lessons about food and healthy eating are reinforced in daily activities at the school. Food for Life helps participants grow their own food, organize farm visits, source local foods, set up school farmers’ markets and community food events, as well as serve nutritious school meals.

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  Linking Environment and Farming Education (LEAF Education), United Kingdom

  Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) promotes sustainable farming practices that are prosperous, enrich the environment, and engage with local communities. With the vision to produce a thriving and engaged farming agri-food community, LEAF Education works across the U.K. to mobilize farmers and farming businesses to engage in classroom education. LEAF Education provides training and resources to farmers, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to deliver on-farm and in-classroom education to children. They also provide a range of resources to help teachers integrate lessons about food and farming into their regular curriculum. Their online portal, Countryside Classroom, provides teachers with access to a database of teaching resources, places to visit, and food and farming-related organizations.

  Model Vihti, Finland

  Model Vihti is a development project in Vihti, Finland, seeking to create sustainable and nature-based learning environments. The garden-based learning model provides opportunities for children to plan future crop seasons, grow seedlings indoors, prepare the soil, as well as plant, sow, and harvest edible crops. They host farm visits for students and teachers to practice daily tasks, from cleaning horse stables to stacking firewood. They also teach children about forestry, water systems, and climate change, as well as basic survival skills such as first aid and fire safety. The program is designed to help children understand the interconnection between the natural and physical processes involved in food production.

  Agri Aware, Ireland

  Agri Aware facilitates education and public awareness initiatives for farming and non-farming communities across Ireland. The Mobile Farm is an outdoor, hands-on classroom led by trained farmers that teaches children and adults about animals and their role in food production. Agri Aware works with the Dublin Zoo to host the Family Farm, an educational and interactive acre of land representing modern Irish farm life. Every year, the Family Farm hosts nearly 1 million visitors teaching them about farm animals and Ireland’s agricultural history.

  School Meals program, Italy

  Since 2001, the city of Rome has been working to make its School Meals program more sustainable, innovative, and culturally appropriate. Currently, they serve more than 144,000 daily meals across 550 nurseries, primary schools, and secondary schools. 92 percent of the meals are made from scratch and 69 percent include organic food. The program incorporates additional criteria, such as “guaranteed freshness” standards for fruit and vegetables, allowing no more than three days between harvest and intake, as well as seasonality requirements for designing recipes and planning menus. In an effort to preserve the environment, children use ceramic and stainless steel tableware and all single-use items are recyclable or biodegradable.

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  North America

  Farm to Cafeteria Canada, Canada

  Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) leads the Canadian farm-to-school movement striving to bring local, healthy, and sustainable food into all public institutions. In 2017, they reached more than 260,000 people through nearly 1,400 community food initiatives and they trained over 9,000 children and adults across Toronto. F2CC’s Nourishing School Communities program has led to more than 250 policy and behavioral changes at the local and provincial levels. They are working to transform school environments through stronger policies for food safety, food preparation, and local food procurement. Additionally, F2CC encourages student involvement in menu planning, facilitates field trips to local farms, and supports food literacy activities.

  Fresh Roots, Canada

  Fresh Roots works with schools to increase students’ access to healthy food, land, and community through outdoor learning classrooms called Schoolyard Market Gardens. The first of their kind in Canada, Schoolyard Market Gardens are a place to explore food production, cooking, and eating. They distribute produce grown in the gardens through a weekly Veggie Box and incorporate it into meals served in the school cafeterias. Fresh Roots also provides support and training for teachers, helping them integrate their specific curriculum objectives into the outdoor classroom and garden.

  Farm to School, Canada

  Farm to School is a fundraising program for schools and daycares across multiple provinces in Canada. They bring fresh, locally grown vegetables to schools who organize volunteer teams responsible for selling the produce; 50 percent of sales go directly back to the schools. Farm to School also provides educational opportunities for students and teachers to learn about healthy food choices and information about Canada’s Food Guide.

  Ecotrust, United States

  Ecotrust is a nonprofit organization based in portland, Oregon, promoting projects that advance social equity, economic opportunity, and environmental well-being. In their farm-to-school work program, Ecotrust focuses on children from low-income schools and preschools bringing them greater access to fresh, healthy food. Ecotrust offers how-to guides and resources, including the Farm to School Showcase Toolkit, a guide for connecting local food suppliers with school food buyers, and, a living guide filled with current information, studies, and data on farm-to-school outcomes in the state. Their online platform, FoodHub, connects more than 6,000 farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and specialty producers with wholesale food buyers in the region.

  National Farm to School Network, United States

  The National Farm to School Network (NFSN) provides vision, leadership, and support at state, regional, and national levels in an effort to expand the farm-to-school movement across the United States. More than 20,000 farm-to-school practitioners and supporters are members of the network and support NFSN by advocating for supportive policies, volunteer in their communities, and foster deeper connections and partnerships to strengthen the movement. Every year, NFSN establishes new initiatives, builds stronger partnerships, develops new resources, advocates for policy changes, and holds hundreds of events. Their newest strategic plan recognizes the need for a more targeted approach to programming and operations and includes priorities to strengthen advocacy efforts as well as streamline organizational operations for greater sustainability.

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  Seven Generations Ahead, United States

  Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) works with local governments, communities, and private sectors over a broad range of sustainability topic areas, including healthy community development, local food procurement, healthy eating, and sustainability education. They coordinate the Illinois Farm to School network and offer a toolkit to support schools with farm-to-school activities. SGA directly implements healthy eating curriculum modules in limited-resource schools through the Fresh From the Farm program (FFF). FFF educators support the planning, design, and implementation of organic school gardens that introduce children to varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, cultivation methods, and nutritional value. Students can also engage in local organic farm tours, chef cooking demonstrations, and school-based composting that demonstrates the natural cycle of growing and harvesting food, preparing and eating food, and converting waste into fertilizer for new food.

  The Big Green, United States

  Established in 2011 by Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk, The Big Green, formerly The Kitchen Community, was founded on the belief that every child should have the opportunity to play, learn, and grow in healthy communities. The Big Green builds Learning Gardens, which are thriving vegetable gardens and hands-on outdoor classrooms with the vision to create healthier environments in underserved schools. Their goal is to increase academic engagement and achievement, strengthen the bond between schools and their communities, and increase knowledge of and preference for fresh fruits and vegetables. They are the largest school garden organization in North America, impacting 240,000 kids across six major metropolitan regions with nearly 400 outdoor Learning Garden classrooms nationwide.

  Vermont Feed, United States

  Vermont Feed (VT Feed) provides training, mentoring, and technical assistance to schools, food service staff, farmers, and nonprofit organizations working to build strong farm-to-school programs. VT Feed initiates projects that advocate for stronger food, farm, and nutrition policy, and develops innovative tools and evidence-based best practices for farm-to-school programs. Current projects include Jr Iron Chef TV, a statewide culinary competition for students to create healthy, local dishes, and the Farmer Correspondence program, pairing farmers with classrooms based on students’ interests and grade levels. VT Feed also coordinates the Vermont Farm to School Network, facilitating local connections, fostering local engagement, and increasing farm-to-school initiatives in the state.

  Food Corps, United States

  Working nationally across 18 states, Food Corps believes in creating a future in which every school is a healthy school, and every child is well-nourished and ready to learn. Their membership includes 220 service members working with 18 state partners who collaborate to deliver consistently high quality, impactful programs to students. More than 75 percent of FoodCorps schools report healthier school food environments by the end of the school year. As of 2017, they have reached over 160,000 children in more than 350 schools. Their work includes supporting nearly 800 school gardens and the introduction of 440 new and locally grown foods to cafeterias with accompanying taste tests that encourage students to explore a variety of foods.

  Gallatin Valley Farm to School, United States

  Started in 2007 by a committee of concerned parents and community members, Gallatin Valley Farm to School cultivates healthy kids, vibrant farms, and strong communities by connecting schools with local producers in Montana. They collaborate with organizations, such as parent councils, the Bozeman School District Food Service, Montana State University, and FoodCorps, to bring local food to school cafeterias, improve student nutrition, provide agricultural and health education to students, enhance local economies and support local farmers, and cultivate community engagement. They host programs such as farm field trips and summer camps and they support the development of school gardens.

  Food Connects, United States

  A leader in Vermont’s Farm to School movement, Food Connects supports educators, food service directors, farmers, and community members to cultivate healthy farm and food connections in classrooms, cafeterias, and communities across the state. They seek to improve student behavior and create more engaged learners through hands-on activities, such as gardens and kitchens, educating children about healthy food. Food Connects supports local farms and the local economy by bringing fresh food and local food to school cafeterias.

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