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In Scotland, while store sales volumes have fallen in line with the lamb crop, down 8%, provisional figures for slaughterings at Scottish abattoirs show a decline of only 1%, perhaps suggesting that fewer Scottish lambs have been crossing the border this year.

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In addition, once higher carcase weights have been factored in, the volume of lamb produced by Scottish abattoirs was only a fraction lower than in the same period of 2017.

Looking at the wider European market, lamb production appears to have risen, placing some downwards pressure on farm-gate prices relative to last year.

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After a slow start to the season, processing picked up enough in the Irish Republic in August and September to raise throughput at exporting abattoirs by 3% in the June to September period.

“Meanwhile, Eurostat figures for the June to August period show that slaughterings rose by 7% in France, while processing increased in June and July in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Greece. On the other hand, the Netherlands, Portugal and Romania did report declines,” he said.

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In the Southern Hemisphere, while Australian lamb prices have fallen back from record levels over the past month, they remain historically high, trading at an equivalent of around £3.80/kg dwt.

Meanwhile, New Zealand lamb prices have been trading at over £4/kg dwt at the beginning of their 2018/19 lamb crop year.

Beef + Lamb NZ has also forecast a 4% decline in the current New Zealand lamb crop.

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“As well as indicating that New Zealand farm-gate prices should hold firm, this suggests that the lamb imported to the UK ahead of Christmas and Easter will continue to look expensive compared to historical averages,” MacDonald said.

“In the first quarter of 2018, the average value of imports from NZ had been 21% higher than its five-year average for the period.”

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