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What tea should women fall health preservation drink more [複製鏈接]

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Apple scented tea

Apple scented tea has a slightly bitter taste, but has a sweet smell, which can enrich blood and help sister neuralgia, as well as good eyesight and anti-acne and whitening effect. So female friend can use apple blossom and rose to mix rise to bubble tea to drink in autumn, can rise to recuperate qi blood and alleviate depressed and adjust endocrine to wait for effect, also have certain effect to uterus maintain.

Rose tea

Rose tea has always been deeply loved by female friends. Rose tea not only has a sweet smell, but also has a good health effect, because rose tea can beautify your face and make your skin look ruddy and elastic. Moreover, it can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, which has a good regulating effect on women's menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea. So in the autumn of dry weather, female friend might as well drink a few rose tea to nourish skin and warm stomach raise blood.

3. Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is also a kind of fragrant tea drink, often drinking this kind of flower tea will have a very good anti-spleen appetizer role, can increase appetite, can help digestive function. If female friends have problems such as loss of appetite, bad breath, toothache and cooperation, they can drink jasmine tea to improve their symptoms, which can not only help to quench thirst, but also has good effect on preventing constipation and has good health care effect.

What soup should women drink more in autumn health?

1. Angelica red jujube ribs soup

Can use angelica, red jujube and spareribs to put together inside the pot to divide water to simmer stews, wait until the pork ribs stews to rot, then add salt and so on condiment can be eaten, female friend often drink this kind of soup, can have the effect such as nourishing Yin moist dryness and nourishing qi blood as well as hairdressing, suit female friend especially in autumn edible.

2. White fungus red jujube soup

Should be able to have the effect that clear brightens moist dryness, red jujube can subsidize can invigorate qi blood, will red jujube and tremella cook soup to drink together, add a few Chinese wolfberry fruit and longan appropriately again, join rock sugar again next, white fungus red jujube soup, suit female friend most in autumn to fill, can drink good look, and return can breast enhancement.

3. Double red blood tonic soup

Shuanghong blood-enriching soup, that is, soup made with sweet potato and red jujube together, this soup can play the role of replenishing qi and blood after eating, and still have certain effect of tong chang, can prevent and cure constipation.

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