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arrangement of the next stage of afforestation [複製鏈接]

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First of all, participants came to the shichangxi national forest farm in yongding district, conducted a field survey on the precision improvement project of artificial Chinese fir forest quality implemented by the farm, and listened to the explanation on the cultivation target, precision improvement measures and expected benefits after implementation of precision improvement of forest quality.

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Then, experts in modern forest management and follow-up cultivation of forest resources in zhuhai explained and lectured on "provisions for the implementation of precision improvement of state-owned forest and forest quality in hunan province" and the preparation of operational design of precision improvement project of forest quality. After the meeting, we discussed and exchanged on how to implement the precision improvement project of forest quality and achieve the goal of healthy and sustainable development of forest resources.

Finally, Yin zhi, a member of the party group and chief engineer of the municipal forestry bureau, firmly stressed: "after the meeting, we should further strengthen the study of afforestation theory, report to the main leaders, do well in publicity and retraining, and strive to be included in the study content of the party committee (group) central group of the bureau; Combining theoretical knowledge with practical operation; We should combine the national strategic reserve forest project, the forestry development and reform fund forest maintenance subsidy project, and the state-owned forest and forest quality precision enhancement project. The implementation of the project will be combined with poverty alleviation in the forestry industry to contribute to the realization of the strategic goal of zhuhai to improve the quality of standards and strengthen the tourism city.

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At the meeting, special efforts were also made on the implementation of the afforestation project in zhuhai and the application of the plan, the preparation of afforestation ground for the next winter and spring, and the special rectification of the prominent problems in the three subsidy funds for the rehabilitation of ecological forests, ecological public welfare forests and natural commercial forests in zhuhai.

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