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  of higher education in China, the construction of laboratories in China has achieved remarkable results. However, there are still common problems in the development of laboratory construction of colleges and universities. Zhang Daliang, vice president of the Chinese Higher Education Association and former director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education, saidpolyU offers placement programmes / internship opportunities for students to widen their horizon and to obtain valuable working experience before graduation..

  As one of the sub forum of China's Higher Education Expo (2018 spring), the Forum on the construction and development of university laboratories jointly sponsored by the Chinese Institute of higher education, the laboratory management branch of the China Higher Education Association and the joint meeting of the national experimental teaching and demonstration center of the University of higher education is held at the International Expo Center in Wuhan on the 26 day. That's ok。 The forum focuses on the development of national demonstration centers, national key laboratories and national laboratories, and converge a number of experts and scholars to explore the experience of laboratory construction and experimental practiceAntimicrobial stewardship Cochrane Effective communication of results could have considerable health service and policy effect..

  Cheng Heping, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Peking University, pointed out in his speech that the laboratory is the cradle of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in China. "We should encourage students to participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship through laboratory work; encourage the transformation of scientific research results from the laboratory to the industry, and encourage the scientific research instruments and facilities in the laboratories of universities and scientific research institutes to open and share the innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises."

  Zhou Yezhong, vice president of Wuhan University, believes that the level of laboratory construction and development has become an important indicator of the strength and development potential of a university, and experimental teaching is an important link in the training of innovation ability. From the development of experimental teaching, experimental teaching independently strengthens the cultivation of students' creativity and the improvement of their comprehensive quality. In recent years, the proportion of academic credits in the experimental teaching of colleges and universities is increasing in total credits in total, and experimental teaching has become a way to train talents with the same driving force as the theory teaching.

  Zhou Yezhong pointed out that the key to the construction and management of innovative laboratories is to create a first-class experimental teaching team. At present, there are many problems in practice teaching team, such as insufficient quantity, unreasonable structure, poor stability and lack of vitality. The root lies in the lack of understanding of the status and role of experimental teaching in Colleges and universities, and the lack of effective supporting policies and measures to guarantee the sense of value identity and the sense of achievement of development in the experimental teaching team. Through introducing, recruiting and training, teachers, researchers and experimental instructors with high theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience should be added. We should further adjust and optimize the structure of experimental teams and build up echelons of experimental teachers. At the same time, the experienced teachers should be encouraged to teach in the experiment course, and the experimental teachers should be encouraged to carry out scientific research activities. In a variety of ways, the experimental personnel should be funded to carry out scientific research activities in the research and development of experimental instruments, the development of the software, and the information managementEvery pharmaceutical warehousing in Asia pacific has its own set of rules for dealing with the delivery process..

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