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A difficult trend in the short term [複製鏈接]

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  In fact, the debate about the extinction of bank outlets has always been a hot topic in the industry, but the current mainstream view is that with the further deepening of the Internet finance, the network form of commercial banks will change. Although the transformation of the bank's intelligence has become a general trend, it is difficult to achieve a comprehensive unmanned extension in a short period of time. The degree is still highShenzhen Transpring Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading oil vape penand vaporizer (A3 Vape Cartridge etc) manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been serving many customers from USA, ... .

  Although the unmanned banks have opened up new paths for the transformation of bank outlets, the banking industry is still hard to achieve one hundred percent inhumanization. It is understood that the current bank of the Bank of the Bank of the Bank of the bank still has the participation of the bank staff, such as the peacetime security duty, the customer in the intelligent terminal, remittance, for safety risk consideration, also will arrange the staff on-site serviceEnjoy our business centerservice today to save all the overheads and rent. easyCorp provides your business with virtual office and correspondence address to comply with the company registration law of Hong Kong. .

  Liao Hekai believes that, in the long run, the unmanned bank will be a trend of development, network intensification will also be a big trend, unmanned bank is difficult to completely unmanned technology is also limited, but the background staff operate in the future can deal with the business of multiple outlets at the same time, the efficiency can be improved a lot. Short term affirmation is still a pilot project, and it is also a process of exploration.

  Zhao Qing also believes that the current unmanned bank is experiencing the front-end user experience, from the perspective of the customer, the full self-help way of the banking business, does not mean that all the banking business is carried out through intelligent ways, many banks are promoting network intelligence construction, but the popularity of unmanned banks is available. It also takes a process, after all, the extent to which the customers of different regions and ages have different acceptance of the intelligent network, and the bank's part of the business needs to be guidedpd 1 inhibitor lung cancer-ELCC 2017 Patients With Lung Cancer Treated With PD 1 PD L1 Checkpoint Inhibitors May Experience Adverse Events After Influenza-Vaccination .

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