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Opening a new situation of educational [複製鏈接]

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  Reporters today learned from the Ministry of education, Ministry of Education recently issued "on the education system in the trend of investigation and research of opinion", decided to 2018 as the investigation on education system "year", to promote the education system in the trend of investigation and research, write educational endeavour pen"View the human anatomy, explore several layers of depth, print, label, annotate, and export images with the 3D Anatomy app. .

  "Opinions" stressed that the education system to carry out a profound understanding of research to further implement the spirit of the new era, Xi Jinping thought and the socialist party China features nineteen to ensure that the central government's decision to deploy in the education system, to open air plant significance of the new situation of education reform and development in the era of innovation. To a profound understanding of the trend of investigation and research is the inevitable requirement to accelerate the construction of education modernization, education, is the urgent need to increase people's education, good people satisfied with the education, is an important way to improve the style of work, carrying out work, effectively enhance consciousness, to carry out research work enthusiasm and initiative ofStudy abroad with PolyU and study in Hong Kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you. .

  "Opinions" pointed out that to adhere to the problem oriented, the mass line, pragmatic, "tone" and "research", with the basic principles, accurately grasp the overall requirements of the education system research in Daxing wind, around the central concern, people concerned about social issues of concern, with the writing education "endeavour pen", based on the the local school education reform and development of the actual situation and the need to carry out research, promote the education system to fully implement the central government's decision to deploy, realize the new development to promote a new era of education reform to achieve new breakthroughs, education. First, it is closely related to the research of the new era Party's innovation theory. We should fully understand the rich connotation, spiritual essence and practical requirements of Xi Jinping's socialism thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and unswervingly follow the path of socialist education with Chinese characteristics. The two is to investigate the education system in an all-round way to carry out the strict administration of the party. We should insist on putting political construction in the first place and ensure that the basic theory, basic line and basic strategy of the party are carried out in the educational system. The three is to implement the fundamental task of morality education to carry out research. We should speed up the construction of a large, medium and young integrated moral education system guided by the socialist core values and form a pattern of common education for the whole society, which is organically combined with school education, family education and social education. The four is to carry out the research on the priority of the development of education. To deepen the new era of teachers comprehensive reform, accelerate the formation of inherit the excellent tradition, China conforms to the spirit of respecting culture, comprehensively promote the rule of law. The five is to carry out research on enhancing the people's sense of education. We should promote educational equity, improve the quality of education, promote the integration of urban and rural compulsory education, and solve the problems of "controlling the dropouts and protecting learning", "hot school selection", "big class size" and the extra curricular burden of primary and secondary school students. The six is to carry out research on strengthening the vitality of education development. In order to fully implement the "opinions on deepening the reform of the educational system and mechanism", the reform of the mode of education, the mode of running a school, the management system and the guarantee mechanism should be systematically promoted.

  "Opinions" stressed to strengthen organizational leadership, improve the mechanism to promote and strengthen the application of the results, strictly abide by the discipline, the research focus on the reform and development of education as a diagnostic situation, as a practice of adhere to problem oriented, earnestly study the implementation of the organization, for emphasizing investigation, carry out investigation and research in the education system has become common practiceAn established distributor like LF Asia logistics has their own set of organizational ideas that articulate clearer supply chain visibility and helps to overcome major challenges faced by them. .

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