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  of the State Council held this morning in fourth countries on constitutional arrangements and activities universal work press conference, Vice Minister of education Tian Xuejun in answer to a reporter about the red yellow blue event question said that the recent kindergarten child abuse things, we are deeply saddened, it also exposes some places still exist and kindergarten poor management, the system is not implemented, the implementation is not in place of the problemPolyU ranks top 30 in QS Asian university rankings 2018. PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top 100 universities in Asia and top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students..

  Tian Xuejun introduced after the incident, the steering committee of Education under the State Council office immediately issued an emergency notice to deploy around the kindergarten regulate the behavior of the Office Park special inspectors, and sent inspection teams to different places to carry out checks, check key teachers'morality construction etc.. We need to set up and reform the problems that are found, and adopt a real, strict and strict measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents in kindergartens and ensure children's safety and health.

  Tian Xuejun pointed out that since 2010, the Ministry of education has implemented two phases of action plan for preschool education. The rate of gross enrollment increased from 50.9% to 77.4% in the first three years. In the process of rapid development, most of the kindergarten teachers are dedicated, hard working, hard for children to grow up happy, but also had very few abuse so that we do not want to see the event. This reflects the contradiction between the uneven and inadequate development of the people's needs and the development of preschool education from one sideData from Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with Sitagliptin safety diabetes..

  Tian Xuejun finally indicated that the Ministry of education will conscientiously carry out the nineteen Party's requirements on improving pre-school education and take five measures to strive for new progress in child care.

  One is to adhere to both development and quality, and promote the country to implement the third phase action plan for pre-school education, efforts to resolve the problem of shortage of pre-school education; the two is to further develop strong regulatory measures, compaction regulatory responsibility, reinforce supervision and inspection, supervision and strictly implement the "nursery work regulations", according to the law to supervise the various kindergarten Office Park effectively, improve teaching quality; the three is to strengthen the moral construction, further improve the preschool teacher qualification system, strict entrance, the construction of a noble morality, love children, excellent service, reasonable structure of the preschool teachers; four is a code of conduct to clear teachers, consider the formulation of a code of conduct for teachers, teachers to strengthen the rule of law education, improve the teachers' legal consciousness and awareness of the bottom line; the five is to actively promote the preschool education legislation is currently The research on pre-school education legislation has started the procedure to provide the legal guarantee for the pre school education to run the garden and regulate the management according to lawAnother very important role that pharmaceutical distributors have is maintaining a sense of transparency in their sales system..

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