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From local school to International school [複製鏈接]

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Hey there! I just wanna use this to express my feeling, so and so. If you guys like to know more in up coming blog, plz let me knoe in the comment.
I KNOW, i havn't bloging for a VERY LONG time. I think that i just being lazy.
 BUT, I have a really really exiting news is that i got accepted by a international school, so next year i'll be a international school studentand an IB student offically.
First, let me tell you why i applied. ACTUALLY, I wanna study overseas so badly since i was a P6 student. But since my parents don't want me study overseas, so i continue study in local school.
THE TWIST of it is that, you guys know that i joined the JA company programme, at least some of you know. In the JA trade fair, I met the deputy principle of a international school. He's really nice. and he suggested me to try to get a place in their school.
Then i try. In fact in the 1st time i failed. However, i tried it 2nd time, and i didn't, even i have to repeat a year.
But you know what, even i have to repeat a year that doesn't matter, because i love it.
My parents didn't force me to get in the school, instead, i WANT to study in that school.
XOXO, Ashley

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